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Category: VOL-11, ISSUE- II

عدل اجتماعی کا اسلامی تصور اور اس کی اہمیت وضرورت

Dr. Abdul Ali Achakzai Abstract In Islam, the concept of collective Justice has vast meanings. It can’t be confined to any one aspect of life. It covers all aspects of human life. It consists on social equity, economic justice, polities, freedom and religious tolerance. This kind of justice creates a fair balance between duties and …

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تأویل کی ضرورت اور شروط وحدود

Dr. Habibullah Chishti                                                                                                          …

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شاہ عبدالقادر ؒ کے اُردو ترجمہ ٔ قرآن مجید کا لسانی مطالعہ

Abstract Dr.Muhammad Saleem Khalid The holy Quran is the last reveled book of Allah (SWT). It has an honor of being the Word of Allah (SWT) with many other prominent features. This book of Allah is complete and all inclusive. There is no space of doubt in it.   One should have complete knowledge of Quranic …

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