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Category: VOL -19, ISSUE 01

شرعی احکام میں” تلفیق” اور رخصتیں تلاش کرنے کا حکم

Mr. Hafiz Moazzum Shah, Dr. Hafiz Ghulam Yousuf Abstract The followers of Shariah, in broader perspective, may be divided into two categories. One who have the qualification of Deduction from Quran and Sunnah or at least can fully understand the Ijtihadats (deductions) of the Imams and Mujtahideen. On the contrary there are those who lack …

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شق قمر سے متعلق مفسرین ومحدثین کی آراء کا تحقیقی جائزہ

Dr. Hafiz Abdul Rasheed, Dr. Hafiz Abdul Basit Khan Abstract The holy prophet Muhammed Sallallahualaihiwasallam made the moon split at Makkah. This miracle has been transmitted in Islamic literature as a narration that has been narrated by a number of followers. In the Holy Quran, this miracle has been quoted as a sign of resurrection …

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اراضی بیت المال کی آبادکاری : تحقیقی مطالعہ

Hafiz Saif-ud-Din, Dr. Hafiz Taj Afsar Abstract Land has a key status among all economic recourses .The ownerless land is owned by the state, such type of land is called Bait-ul-Mall’s land. The central treasure of an Islamic state is called Bait- ul-Mall. Islam favors the cultivation of such land for economic wellbeing of public. …

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رعایا کےلیے اصول نظم و ضبط اوراسلامی تعلیمات

Dr. Noor Hayat Khan, Sara Noor Abstract Islam is an organized religion which provides complete code of life through a proper social and moral system. We see prophet Muhammad (SAW) providing practical guide guidelines for a stable and comprehensive society. The madni life of Muhammad (SAW) is a best and practical example of Islamic executive …

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فعل قلب: اسلام اور سائنس کی روشنی میں تقابلی جائزہ

Dr. Sajeela Kausar, Muneeba Shafiq Abstract Heart is a vital organ of human body. Its main functioning is considered to pump and supply blood to whole body. But a deep and comparative study of Qur’an and Sunnah extends its role to many other spheres. Qur’an declares the heart a pivot for decision making. We can …

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تحریکِ احمدیت کے مختلف مراحل کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

Dr. Sultan Sikandar, Dr. Abu Sufyan Qazi Furqan Ahmad Abstract A critical analysis of the evolutinag stages of Ahmadiyah movement.Ahmediyat was a British movement whose purpose was to establish an authentic justification for the existing subjection of Hindustan. The fidelity to the Britishers was their belief. To declare Jihad illigitimate, to negate the advent of …

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کرنسی کےبارے میں مولانا احمد رضا خانؒ کی کتاب کفل الفقیہ الفاھم کا خصوصی مطالعہ

Dr. Ali Akbar Al-Azhari, Dr Manzoor Ahmad Al-Azhari Abstract This paper aims to highlight the scholarly discourse regarding money, cash and currency notes (nuqud) as well as Shariah injunctions in this regard tackling twelve queries about what is currency notes and its merits and demerit as a medium of exchange or is there any intrinsic …

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جدید مغربی علوم پر نقد و استدراک اوراخذ و استفادہ: مسلم مفکرینِ تعلیم کی آراء کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

Sarfraz Hussain Saeed, Dr. Arshad Muneer Abstract Knowledge belongs to various fields, which dicuss the social, political, natural and material aspects of any society. Basically, there are two theories about knowledge; Islamic Theory and Secular or Western Theory. These theories reflect the social background of any society. Ethical values carry primary importance in educational system. …

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نفس سے متعلق اشغال صوفیاء: سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں

Abid Ali, Dr. Shah Moeen-ud-Din Hashimi Abstract In the promulgation and origination of Islam, Islmic scholars rendered valuable services in different fields and areas.In these territories primatals of Sufism chains struggled hard for self depuration and heart defecation that imposed positive and deep effects on Muslim Ummah.Sufis edified from all Islamic sources in delineations regarding …

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علامہ محمد اقبال اور سر سیداحمد خان کے مابعد الطبیعیاتی تصورات کا تقابلی مطالعہ

Muhammad Mazhar Saeed, Dr. Shahid Iqbal Kamran Abstract Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were the prominent personalities of their eras. Both have worked on the concept of metaphysics and had given a new approach of metaphysics to the Muslim Society. The ideas of both the sages were clear, comprehensive and detailed and …

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