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Category: VOL-11, ISSUE- II

القراءات المتواترة في أبنية الأسماء الثلاثية المجردة وأثرها الدلالي”الجزء الأول نموذجا”

Hafiz Muhammad Jameel, Dr. Muhammad Bashir Abstract The Sciences of Quranic Qiraat is a wide field of Quranic study it is related to the phonetically and phonological study of Arabic language. This field of study begins in the earliest time of Islam and developed with the passage of time. Many scholars have discussed the different …

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المشترك اللفظي في القرآن الكريم و إشكاليات نقله إلى اللغة الإنجليزية

Saif ul Islam, Dr. Faizan ur Rehman Abstract This study focuses on analyzing English translation of homonymy in conveying thecontext while translating the holy Quran into English. Themeanings is firm based on picking the accurate homonymy in translations the main purpose of this study to the analyze and study comparativelybetween three noteworthy English interpretations of …

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تفردات الإمام الطبراني في كتابه “المعجم الأوسط” دراسة نظرية و تطبيقية

Abdul Haseeb, Dr. Abdul Hameed Kharroub Abstract Hadith Sciences is one of the prominent field of research as it deals with primary sources of Islamic Law. It is also an authentic way to decipher the exact sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the distinction between authentic and false becomes clearer. The concept of Ta’farrud …

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جهود الدكتورة عائشة عبد الرحمن بنت الشاطئ في التفسير البياني

Dr. Fazalullah, Dr. Abdul Mujeeb Abstract Professor Dr. Bint Ash-Shati’ is one of the eminent figures of the modern era, who did a lot in the field of Quranic and literary studies and made strenuous efforts. She is truly a unique gem for her great works, remarkable achievements and rich contribution.The Professor grew up in …

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التوجهات الفكرية للأديب المصري الدكتور جابر قميحة

Sajida Ulfat, Dr. iftikhar ahmad, Dr. Sana Ullah Abstract Dr. Jaber Qamihah, was a good teacher, a good writer and a good poet from Egypt, He grew up in a noble family, he was fond of reading from the very earliest age. And he was an intellectual and his deep reflections of the Quran appeared …

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Provision of Hajj Umrah, Ziyarat Leaves, for the Government Servants & Fundamental Rights

Muhammad Waseem Tariq,Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman Abstract Islam provides guidance for every human being starting from spiritual, social, political to his education. These principles are embodied in five basic tenets of Islam, such as Shahadah (Declaration of faith in Islam), Salah (Prayer), Saum (Fasting), Zakat (Alms giving) & Haj (Annual Pilgrimage to Makkah). The combine effect of …

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Foundations and Methodologies of Islamic Research

Dr. Ghulam Hussain Babar,Dr. Muhammad Feroz-ud -Din Shah Khagga Abstract Muslim researchers have offered a massive biographical library which ran into thousands of volumes. An integral part of this methodological science is the Isnād scheme which culminated and elevated till it became a solid part of basic Islamic principles. In this way most of the …

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Impediments in translating the qur’an and guiding principles for transaltion

Shahid ur Rehman Marth, Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan Abbasi  

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من أسباب الإرهاب:التعصب المذهبي والتحزب الطائفي=Among the sources of Terrorism: Religious Prejudice and Sactarianism

Dr. Tahir Hakeem

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حقيقة الإتِّهامات التي أُتّهم بها الواقدي:دراسة تحليلية=The fact behind the allegations Al-Waqidi was accused of them An analytical study

Abdul Samad Shaikh

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