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شعبہ خواتین( جماعت اسلامی) کی دینی و فلاحی خدمات واثرات: تحقیقی مطالعہ

Muhammad Nadeem, Dr. Shair Ali


It is an admitted reality that society is incomplete without woaman folk. God almighty has given the highest status to woman as “mother”. Descent of prophets and celestial books, was started for the conduct and character building of human being and in this regard, woman assigned the foremost responsibility. It is the woman who teaches values to the individuals and builds basic morality. In this capacity, woman has pivotal role in preaching and dwelling of religion. Preaching of religion, as a whole, is such a duty as is to be performed by every muslim man and woman. Jamat e Islami was established in 1941. Moulana Madudi started preaching into and organization of women in the very beginning. The women wing of Jamat e Islami was established in 1947, for the promotion of preaching and educational activities among the womenfolk. The purpose of women chapter is to guide women in accordance with Islam. The women wing is spreading political and idealogical policies of jamat in view to enhance the membership of Jamat and implementation of Islam. The women wing is independent in matters of administration and finance. Women wing is on the lines of male wing. Now, this is performing religions and welfare Services in every nook and corner. A research based study of the women wing, is being presented in this articile.

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