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Muhammad Nazir, Dr. Syed Abdul Ghaffar Bukhari


Bribery and corruption has become a fatal disease which leads the society towards the class system. This evil causes chaos, injustice and oppression in the social life of people. Whether it is division of wealth or that of positions bribery and corruption snatches rights of deserving individuals and unqualified people are conferred higher positions. That’s why bribery can cause injustice in society. For that Quran and Hadith have banned all those roads and channels which lead to bribery.

 Prevention of bribery may cause justice in social and economic life of people. It may cause the development of people and country. The principle of jurisprudence “Sadd ul Zarae” can play a key role in prevention of such social evils to make the nation just, fair and free of corruption. Resultantly, the whole society grows positively and walks on the track of development.    

Key words: Sadd ul Zarae, Rashowat, Ahkam, Qaeda, Fuqha, Usoleen etc.