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Hafiz Jamshed Akhtar, Dr. Memoona Tabassum


This Study “The foundation of Sanctification and reformation in contemporary social set-up” deals with the importance of masjid in the society. Masjid as an institution plays very vital role in the daily affairs of people like conflicts, among social communities etc. There are certain references from History, Quran, Seerah and Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).Keeping in view the outlook of Islam towards the training of the people through different institution the role of masjid is discussed that how it can be fruitful not only to perform some religious obligation relating personal like but reformation of people’s attitude regarding social habits. Unity among the Muslims, social problems and the ways to solve them, a democratic behavior, guarding of Muslim ideology can be actualized through masjid. The education of common people in the matter of daily life, sectarial conflict can be minimized in masjid. The study has discussed the renewal effects regarding the importance of masjid.

Today, as Muslim society has gone very far of its responsible leading role in the world, mosques can play role to bring them back to their origin. This article highlights almost all aspects of possible forms of mosques role in upbringing Muslim society to provide responsible and pious individuals.