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Muhammad Muddasar


When we talk about human rights in Islam, we mean to say that these rights have been bestowed by Allah Almighty, they have not been granted by any emperor or any legislative assembly. The rights given by the rulers or by the legislative assemblies can be taken back in the same way in which they are conferred. If any powerful king gives rights to human beings, he can withdraw them when he is unhappy or also he can violates them when he likes. In Islam human rights have been given by Allah Almighty, no worldly legislative parliament or any government in the world has charge of amendment or change in the rights granted by God. Nobody can abolish or withdraw them. Islamic human rights are not like those rights conferred on paper just for pump and show and denied in actual life when the show is over. It is very clear that the concept of Islam in regarding human rights is based on equality, dignity, respect and justice for all human beings. The western concept of basic human rights is a manmade philosophy of laws; it may be right or wrong as it is not God gifted. Western people have done a long struggle to achieve basic human rights since Magna Carta to present age but Islamic law is bestowed by Allah Almighty. In this study, efforts are made to compare fundamental human rights in the light of Islamic teachings and French laws.  Comparative and analytical research methodology is adopted in this study with qualitative approach.  This study perceives that Islamic teachings have all kind of rights with duties and liberty. However, it binds the rights with duties and liberty with responsibilities, which make it distinguish to other manmade laws including French laws.

Keywords:  Islamic teachings, French laws, human rights, equality, humanity, comparison