Hazrat Asma bint Yazeed Al-Sakan(R.A) … An analytical study of her Life and Works

Dr. Zahida Shabnum, Dr. Atiq Amjad


Hazrat Asma (رضی اللہ عنہا) held an eminent position among other Sahabiat (the female companions of the Holy prophet () who took pledge of assurance. She belonged to Abdul-Al-Ashhal, a sub family of the tribe of Oss and was bestowed with great power of speech and she used it beautifully for the sake of right and Justice and to raise the name of Allah.This beauty was so forceful that she had no second. She was the only woman whose power of speech was praised in public by the great prophet Hazrat Muhammad (). Hazrat Asma bint Yazeed possessed great wisdom and sense. She also held an important position in understanding religion. She was a wise lady with great qualities of oratory, intelligence and rationality. She had leading power among the women of her tribe. She had narrated eighty one sayings of the Holy Prophet () which she learnt directly from the Holy Messenger().In this article it is explained how the Hadiths narrated by Hazrat Asma) R.A) have helped the women in the important field of life. It also highlights the contribution of Hazrat Asma for Islam as well as for the Muslim Women in different angles. Her services are remarkable for the Muslim Woman and provide a guide line towards understanding of Islam.