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Biomedical ethics and Qawaid Fiqhiyyah

Fahd  Anwar, Dr. Mohyuddin Hashmi


Medical ethics in Islam have a close relationship with the principles and particulars of Fiqh which constitute the Islamic law. There are, in general, two main ethical principles, which Islam focuses on with regard to medicine, namely 1) the emphasis on the sanctity of human life.2) The emphasis on seeking a cure. Qawāʿid Fiqhiyyah help us in understanding the Islamic ethical values related to health sciences. Numerous Qawāʿid fiqhiyyah play a role in providing the sharīʿah guide lines for the issues like

  1. The duties of doctor or health care taker
  2. The Patient-Physician relationship
  3. The responsibilities of the researcher working upon the human subjects
  4. Obligations of the members of society about human life.

This paper will elaborate the relationship of Qawāʿid fiqhiyyah with Biomedical ethics and how one can get benefit from these Qawāʿid to derive answers for contemporary ethical issues in Biomedical issues.

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