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قتل الشرف و ونى فى باكستان من منظور إسلامى=Honor Killing and Vani in Pakistan: An Islamic Perspective

Zainb Sadiq, Dr. Fateh Ul Rahman Qarshi


The issue of domestic violence is both current and endemic globally, cutting across religious, geographical, cultural and socioeconomic differences. Among the victims of domestic violence, women comprise a vast majority. Recent studies reveal that for many reasons, women experience of domestic abuse is notably under-researched. Due to the existence of patriarchal values and privacy codes, Pakistani women suffer domestic violence silently. Therefore, a little substantial research is available on the domestic violence experienced by the Pakistani women. Therefore, the present study aims to discuss the cultural practices of Violence against Women like Honour Killing and Vani/ Swara in Pakistan and Islamic perspective of this issue. Some researchers have tried to justify these cultural practices in the light of some general principles of Islam. But this study justifies that how Islam condemns killing of mankind and forbids from cruel culture of female victimization and the assumed notion of Honor killing.

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