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تأثير العلامة الزمخشري في كتب التفسير البياني دراسة في التفسير البيضاوي، وتفسير أبي السعود، وتفسير روح المعاني =The Role of Al-Zamakhshari in Tafsir Bayani A Case Study in al-Byzavi, Abu al-Saood and Rooh al-Maani

Hafiz Muhammad Ayub Saeedi, Dr. Habib Ullah Khan


Most of the modern explainers of the holy Quran are influenced by Allama Zimakhshari in the eloquent explanation for the holy Quran, because of his mastery and depth in Eloquence, and the most prominent of them is Qazi Albaidhawi and Allama Abu Saud and Imam Aloosi.

Allama Zimakhshari wrote his Quranic explanation before the compilation of terminologies of eloquence and this is the era, which was called the era of taste and quality by the later scholars of eloquence.

It is clear that the earlier scholars of eloquence concentrated sharply on the eloquence of the holy Quran. So they derived the meanings and deducted denotation through the eloquent coherence, fertilization and correlation between a verse and other verses, between two verses and their sisters and among the verses and their sisters, and with this they knew that the eloquence reached the position where no kind of human discourse reached. The most prominent examples in this context are the two books of Imam Abdul Qahir Aljurjani, he is considered Imam of Arabic Eloquence near the majority. So the later scholars like Allama Zimakhshari, Assakkaki, Al Qazwini and others followed him. Then many great scholars like Imam Attayyibi were influenced by these scholars.Thus Al-Kashaf became the reference book for the general and specialists. So everyone who came after him referred to it in the explanation of the Book of Allah and its eloquence. So the researcher considered in his research the influence of Zimakhshari in Al Tafsir Al Baidhawi, Abi Al Saud and Roohul Ma’any in many chapters of the Rhetoric by proving by the quotations from the said explanatory books.

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