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نماذج من ترجيحات الإمام المودودي -رحمه الله- في تفسيره سورة البقرة=Preferences of Imam Moududi in Surah Baqara

Dr. Rabia Noor


Imam Moududi is one of the contemporary commentators of Quran. He has written his commentary (Tafheem ul Quran) with. The article deals with his preferences and distinctive views regarding different standpoints and interpretations mentioned by various commentators in their respective commentaries.  The study is extended from a single word to a complete verse of Surah Baqara.

To make it comprehensive, the researcher, in this article, mentions the views of different commentators on a specific point in such a way that she notes down first of all the verse of the surah, and then she mentions the subject matter after which she refers to the text of Imam Moududi. And at the end, the writer concludes the whole discussion and indicates the best viewpoint among the variety of commentaries in the light of those principles that makes it best.The researcher refers to primary and secondary sources pertinent to the subject matter which includes classical records and contemporary books. All the relevant sources are given at the footnotes of the article.

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