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(فن المديح :نشأته وتطوره في الشعر العربي (القصيدة البردة أنموذجا=The Art of Lyrics of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and its evolution in Arabic Poetry (Ode of Praise as a Sample)

Dr. Abdul Majeed Bagdadi , Dr. Ghulam Ahmad


 Since the dawn of Islamic history, man has experienced social differences between him and his fellow human beings. He experienced different talents and values of people. He saw rise and fall of different leaders. He resorted to different tactics in order to engage the favors of people in power. With the art of his words, both written and spoken, he endeavored to validate and justify the policies and legitimize the leadership of those in power. For this to achieve, he chose to admire courage, generosity, wisdom, understanding and intelligence of the leaders. The Arabs in the pre-Islamic era had relied upon generosity, courage, dream, loyalty and protection of the neighbor etc for their poetry. The Sayyid (Leader) had not been a topic which might have caught the imagination of some prominent poets.

The poetry of the Pre-Islamic era revolved around admiring the superior men, ministers, dignitaries, and rich in terms of creation, vision, courage, generosity and praising the high ideals they saw. This emanated from the poets which were considered ignorant after the dawn of Islam.The most important poets, who were famous for this in the pre-Islamic era, were the Nabgha and Zahir ibn Abi Salma, and in Islamic era Al-Boseeri was well known in this regard.

Keywords: Islamic history, leadership, Nabgha, Zahir ibn Abi Salma, Al-Boseeri, pre-Islamic era, Poetry.

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