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معالجة الأمراض النفسية بالقرآن الكريم=Treatment of Mental Disorders by The Holy Quraan

Dr. Shahnaz Zaheer


  Today we are living in the era of Technology and our World has become a global village for us.Human beings are in a competition between each other as an individual,a society,a nation and a country or region.Different kinds of Psychic Disorders are prevailing in our societies day by day and increasing problems by going to its peaks.Holy Quraan is the Book,revieled upon Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him),which has given us a complete life style/pattern in its holy verses,which is a challenge to all laws and regulations made on earth today,but till the day of judgement.Life spending Ideal Package is lying in to follow the teachings of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).Towards the current situation made by the busy and tiredsome circumstances of time and to face the bitter realities of life as a human being,we have to go through a strong struggle against all challenges.If a human being forgets the path of truth,he falls down in various types of diseases and sicknesses occur and increase in him,mentally and physically,until he comes back to reality,truth and nature,to the original path of Islam,a great religion,which describes that the natural true path paved for human beings in it,when recall the forgotten and follows again these golden commands given in the Holy Quraan.Role of Islam in the management of Psychiatric disorders is unbelievable accurate.Islam is religion based on revelations to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) more than 1400 years ago,which were recorded in the  Quraan.The aim of this review article is to highlight  the role of Islam in the management of different psychiatric disorders and provide the psychiatrists some basic knowledge of pure Quraanic and Islamic Therapies.


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