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رفیق احمد پامپوری کا مطالعۂ قرآن:تجزیاتی مطالعہ=Qura‘nic Study of Rafique Ahmad Pampuri: Analytical Study

Muhammad Tayyab Khan, Asma Ansar


Qurā‘nic study in Kashmir started with the advent of Islam in Kashmir. Many Kashmiri scholars played their significant role in the study of the Holy Quran and its sciences. One of them is Dr. Rafique Ahmad Pampuri. He belongs to Pampure, a town in Indian occupied Kashmir,. He is a well-known contemporary scholar in Kashmiri. Although He is a medical practitioner, yet under the patronage of a renowned Indian Scholar Molana Maseehullah(d1992), a student and spiritual successor of Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi(d1943)- he studied the Islamic Sciences and established a Madrasa. He laid down an Islamic Research Institute in Pampure, Kashmir. He wrote many books in various fields of Islamic sciences. Besides his detailed commentary on Sahĭh Bukhāri “Ra´fat ul Bāri”, he wrote exegesis of Sūrat ul Fātihah and three other books on Qurā‘nic Sciences. It is noteworthy that all his studies and works are in English language. This article is an endeavor to explore and analyze his work on the Holy Qurā‘n  and its sciences followed by his brief intro.

Key words: The Holy Qurā‘n, exegesis, sciences of the Holy Qurā‘n, Rafique Ahmad, Pampuri, Maseehullah.

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