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Changing Japanese Society and religions (an overview of feminism in Japan)

Dr. Sher Ali , Muhammad Arif Mateen


Industrial advancements, economic growth, acceleration of urbanization and expanding process of modernization redefined the landmarks of everyday life across the globe with no exception of Japan. An explosion of new images of dynamic women, being key element of every society, was produced in this constant change. In magazines, media, including electronic and print, business, services, and religion and politics woman is a prominent icon of modern society. These new images of the feminine challenged previously existing widespread myths of a monolithic Japanese woman too. Feminism, being a significant element in changing Japanese society, needs to be studied in the perspective of Japanese religiosity which will, certainly, be helpful in order to better understand the new modes of thinking and trends, modern challenges and the influential role of religions in contemporary Japan.

This paper aims to answer the question how religious discourse in contemporary Japan tends to keep pace with the changing prototype of society, highlighting the dynamic role of women as mother, founders of New Religious Movements, leaders and teachers etc., in all spheres of life including media and politics. It is hoped that this humble effort will help students of religion in Pakistan to some scholarly ways of looking at new paradigms of religious thinking in Japan focusing feminism.


Keywords: Feminism, Religions, Japan, New Religious Movements, Society


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