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Women and Entrepreneurship: A Study in the Light of Islamic Teachings

Sana Kishwar , Dr. Ayesha Rafiq


Entrepreneurship is an emerging trend in the world at large. Youth is attracted and engaged in entrepreneurship globally. Females are approximately 50 percent of the total population and their role in a country’s economy is vital. We have moved far ahead of a social system in which one man used to be the sole breadwinner for five to ten family members. Today, due to inflation, it is not possible for a single man to take care of the financial needs of so many dependents. Secondly, women are getting educated and many of them are pursuing higher education. Therefore, parents and country expect them to be productive members of society. On the other hand, in conservative Muslim societies this mind set still exists that women cannot own their own income generating projects or are not allowed to interact with men for their business activities. It is a general understanding that Islam prohibits women to participate in income generating activities and go outside their homes and interact with men for the sake of business and earning a livelihood. This situation marks the importance of the current research.  This article explains the position of women regarding their engagement in business and social entreprenurship in the light of Qur’anic verses and Islamic history. It is concluded that Islam gives equitable rights to women and men in an Islamic society. Although, Islamic social norms place the primary role of livelihood on men’s shoulders, but it does not prohibit women from earning money or owning their own business enterprise.

Keywords: women, entrepreneurship, Islam, social entrepreneurship, business enterprise.

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