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الخدمة المصرفية في المصارف التقليدية الإسلامية في باكستان=Banking Services in PakistaniTraditional Islamic Banks

Muhammdad Iltaf Hussan Alazhari , Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim saad Annadi


Banking services meet the potential needs of society over diversified perspectives in terms of consumer, corporate, investment, agriculture, microfinance and central banking. Further, these services fulfil the credit shortage, protect the money and share credibility in international banking as well. The banking sector has developed over the time gradually offering banking services according to the need of time. Moreover, there are sound evidences in the era of ignorance, at time of beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and later in Umayyad and Abbasids time onward on banking services. In context of Pakistan, there is prevailing dual banking system; conventional and Islamic banking offering a variety of banking services. This study investigates the banking services with historical review and concludes all of them on banking services offered in Pakistan.

Keywords: Banking Services, Banking History, Dual banking system, Conventional and Islamic banking

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