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من أسباب الإرهاب:التعصب المذهبي والتحزب الطائفي=Among the sources of Terrorism: Religious Prejudice and Sactarianism

Dr. Tahir Hakeem


There is no denying the fact that the whole world is facing great threat of terrorism. It is discovered that there are different causes of terrorism in different parts of the world. Among the causes of terrorism there is unemployment, religious bigotry, economic, political, social, and psychological disorder etc. However, this study examines religious fanaticism and sectarianism as the two biggest causes of the terrorism taking place everywhere in the world today. The purpose of this research work is to highlight and educate population about the true face of Islam and advance the tolerant version of Islam and negate the negative propaganda against the Islamic faith. The paper is based on the classical sources of Islamic law and attempts to contextualize the same in contemporary situation.

The research paper is divided into several parts. In the preface this paper highlights the importance, need and methodology of the research. In introduction the paper expounds the basic theme of the research. The first part throws light on the Islamic values of peace and moderation and it negates extremism of any kind. Islamic Shariah does not endorse any act of atrocities in any form. The second part thoroughly discusses and analyses that religious fanaticism and sectarianism are the two biggest causes of terrorism and threat to the peace everywhere. The paper ends with the most important results and recommendations.


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