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(الاستعارةوالكنايةوشواهدهمافي آيات الجهاد(دراسة وتحليل=Examples of Al-Isteaarah (Assimilation) &Al-Kenaayah(Metonymy) in the Jihad Verses

Dr. Muhammad Ismael bin al Salaam, Dr. Noor Hayat Khan


The Holy Quran is miraculous book in terms of word, meaning and order, as it is the word of the Great Allah and His knowledge is familiar with all words in the shape of single words, compound words, meanings, synthesis and composing of all the letters, words and the sentences composed of nouns, verbs and particles. Allah is all – knowing, comessant and the all powerful and He is able and He knows all the thing and has counted every thing.

Imam RagibI asfehani says that the Quranic words are the essence of the Arab’s speech and narrations. Jurisprudent and the scholars have relyed on the words of the Holy Quran in their passing judgments and decisions. the poets and rhetoricians have used a Quranic vocabulary in their prose and poetry and derived nouns. The literary people depending on the language of Quran in composing their poems and prose and all the other things is nothing.  It is a matter of fact that the Holy Quran has protected all kinds of sciences of rhetoric and eloquence as we see the Arabic grammar is alive due to the Holy Quran. Such case is with the sciences of rhetoric. They exist and really appear in all the verses of the Holy Quran. I have tried my best to mention all the two kinds of science of rhetoric al-baayan, al-isteaarah, (assimilation) andal-kenaayah (metonymy).I have pointed out them in all the verses related with Jihad. I have also stated the definition of these two terms of ilm-ul-bayan.

Keywords: Al-Isteaarah, (assimilation) & Al-Kenaayah (metonymy)

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