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پُر امن بقائے باہمی کے قرآنی اصول:مفسرین کی آراء کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

Dr. Arshad Muhammad Qayyum, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Iqbal


This paper aimed to present the Islamic Principles for peaceful co-existence. Islam is the religion of peace. The word “Islam’’ in Arabic is “ سلم”, which means absolute obedience to Allah’s power and decree. Personal peace can be attained by totally Submitting of one self to Allah. Islam gives special importance to reconciliation and harmony and consider it crucial for all social and international relations. For establishing a peaceful co-existence in society Islam teaches that peace is achieved to obey the principles lay down by The Holy Quran and The Sunnah of Holy Prophet(SAW). These principles are, tolerance, forgiveness, responding evils to good, proactive good deeds that bring happiness to others, and freedom of religion (non compulsion in religion). Islam encourages all kinds of attempts for initiating peace and harmony in all divergent areas, and curb all those edges that can destroy peace and spread unrest in society. Islam promotes love, peace, harmony, mercy, patience, and emphasizes on creating a peaceful society for mankind.
Keywords: Forgiveness, Tolerance, Freedom, peace, Society, Islamic Principals